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Love Your Liver 9 Day Detox

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In the Love Your Liver 9 Day Detox I want to help you enhance this natural bodily function in a nutritionally balanced and supervised manner. Optimal nutrition with the support of supplement and lifestyle activities  will make this detoxification journey safe and enjoyable . I hope you learn to appreciate your fabulous body along the way.
Most livers work at 35-40% of their potential due to ingested toxins. Detoxification is one of the most critical bodily functions.  Toxins are woven into our livesand are anything that does not belong in our body, these can be physical and mental. Our liver, the main organ of detoxification, takes the brunt of a poor lifestyle and diet.
Dietary imbalances, stress, poor health can affect the elimination organs ability to function optimally.  We ingest chemically treated and processed foods, GMO foods, toxic personal care products, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, heavy metal poisoning, treated water and an overconsumption of sugar to name a few.  Stress /excessive sympathetic nervous system activity can inhibit detoxification.
Detoxification is primarily a parasympathetic activity. Relaxation and emotional support are also important. Toxins are stored in your fat. A slow monitored detoxification will not flood the system by quick release of stored toxins.
Your increase in energy and alertness,brighter eyes and clearer skin will be just a few rewards for your participation. Clearer sinuses, regular bowel movements, fresher breath, better digestion might lead to lifetime changes.

Product Description

What's included?

  • 1 hour consultation on the principals of the detoxification process and to help with getting set up.
  • Shopping list for your detoxification foods choices including shopping advice as to to where to purchase quality ingredients.
  • Recommended recipes that support detoxification and optimal nutrition.
  • Continued support by phone/ email/ Facetime to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Post-detox recomendations/support when reintroducing excluded foods.
  • 9 Day supply of recommended supplemental support during the detoxification process.  These include:
    • Probiotics (gut health )
    • Digestive enzymes(digestive support )
    • Glutamine (gut integrity, digestion, immune, liver function)
    • Multi vitamin(supportive antioxidants/minerals)
    • Vitamin C (chelation of heavy metals)
    • Specific liver support (blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals)
    • Psyllium husk capsules (bowel cleanse, elimination enhanced)
    • Chlorella ( supper green, metal chelator)
    • Barley grass(enzymes, chlorophyl, vitamins, minerals)
    • Magnesium/baking soda detox bathsalts infused with lavender oil.


1 review for Love Your Liver 9 Day Detox

  1. 5 out of 5


    As a runner I’d lost my mojo and as a result I’d pilled the pounds on. It was the vicious circle we all talk about, but the less I ran, the more I lost my drive and resorted back to my excess eating and drinking habits. This resulted in me feeling sluggish, with a low self-esteem, sleep apnea and barely able to run a mile without stopping.

    Fast forward 9 days and I am full of zest, sleeping throughout the night, have a clearer more focused mindset and a renewed sense of direction. What’s more, I’ve lost 13lbs and just run 5.6 miles without stopping. I’d forgotten how much the program helps you refocus both the mind and body!

    Maureen has created an easy to follow program, crammed full of healthy and satisfying recipe alternatives so you are never hungry. This was my third 9 Day Detox Program with Maureen and I would have no hesitation in recommending this and Maureen to anyone wishing to kickstart a healthier lifestyle change.

    Jim Ramsay, Edinburgh

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      Thank you Jim. I’m so pleased the program did what you needed.Cleaned up your diet ,increased your energy ,and rebooted your digestion and elimination . Getting off the crazy cycle of sugar and caffeine and increasing your daily nutritional intake .Well done and thank you for your support

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