My Journey – Deirdre O’Dwyer

A friend of mine recommended Maureen when I wanted some advice about my rosacea in 2015 – I found Maureen to be a very warm, approachable person with great expertise and her dietary tips really helped me improve my skin. Fast forward to May 2016 – engaged nearly a year with my wedding due end […]

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Get In Shape For Your Wedding Day


You’ve chosen the venue, your bridesmaids, the dress and most importantly the groom but now your mind has switched to the fact that all eyes are going to be on you and so it’s time to get into shape! A wedding day is one of the biggest motivations for ladies to get down to the […]

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How to Detox Your Life

Liver Detox

A whole extra day this February 2016! What did I manage to do this month to optimise my life and increase my vitality? Well, my coloring book is finished. It served me well; meditation, therapeutic and a beneficial exercise to calm the mind in general. I highly recommend colouring, very soothing and youthful. Love it. […]

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Overindulged? How to recover

Overindulged How To Recover

Isn’t it ironic that we begin a fresh page after a period of such Christmas and New Year overindulgence on just about every level? Do any of the following ring true for you? – Alcohol – Heavily processed, inflammatory foods – these include those such as chocolate, bread, dairy, eggs, pastry, biscuits, meats and smoked fish. […]

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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For The Healthy Eater

As a helping hand this Christmas I have pulled together my top ten Christmas gifts for all those healthy eaters out there. The Christmas tree doesn’t have to be laden with chocolates and alcohol, although a box or two of Booja Booja chocolates for a special treat wouldn’t go a miss! If your partner is […]

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Healthy eating – where to start?


Healthy eating, where do you start? My advice is to start from where you are today, you can’t change what you don’t know you’re doing or not doing. First things first, let’s start with your shopping list. No, not just what needs topping up but what’s already in your fridge and cupboards and include the […]

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What is naturopathic nutrition?


When I started out on the path of becoming a Naturopathic Nutritionist I was often asked by friends and family, what exactly is naturopathic nutrition? In brief, naturopathic nutrition involves the use of natural therapies as medicine to encourage the body’s self-healing processes and so my goal is to help clients see the connection between […]

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Nutri-Fit @ The Club


Join me for a fitness class with a difference. By combining nutritional advice and high intensity Tabata, Nutri-Fit will put you on the right track for a better you. Over the five-week course I will be sharing dietary advice with food & recipe ideas aiming to increase your nutritional awareness whilst pushing yourself with some high intensity exercises, […]

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